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Edwin: Smart Rubber Ducky

Edwin is the world's first app-connected rubber duck

Client: Pi Lab
  • IoT
  • Consumer
  • Kids
Bring your little one comfort with his built-in night light and Sleepy Time app! Set the light intensity or adjust the timer from another room using your mobile device. Edwin can illuminate a dark room for parents, too.

Edwin: sound soother, night light, and bath time friend. Edwin is a waterproof, app-connected rubber ducky designed to engage at bath time, calm at naptime, and soothe at bedtime.


Edwin is the world's first app-connected rubber duck. Released in 2015 with retail partnerts such as Best Buy, Apple, and Target, Edwin has evolved into a power brand including a product just for babies — a project fine-tuned with Jessica Alba and our participation on Apple TV's Planet of the Apps, a fully animated world populated with friends, and a full-length album on iTunes featuring Edwin's own band The Wingmen.